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KEMP have been looking after families locally since 1969 and we strive to offer free-of-charge care and support to people effected by a life-limiting illness or by the death of a loved one.

At KEMP Hospice we run a Day Hospice for people who are dealing with a range of issues including Parkinson’s Disease, MND, Cancer, Respiratory Disease and many more. Our team of professional carers and nurses are on hand to help patients and their families with dignity and kindness.

We also provide a service called KEMP for Carers where we offer respite support to full-time carers who are looking after a loved one at home.

In addition, we offer bereavement support to adults and children of the Wyre Forest who are dealing with the death of a loved one, whatever the reason.

Together…we care, we support, we fundraise and your donations make a huge difference to the lives of people across the Wyre Forest district.

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Who are KEMP Champions?

This Christmas, we are asking you to donate just £5 and become a KEMP Champion.

A KEMP Champion is someone who recognises the vital role we play in supporting people in the Wyre Forest in their hour of need. A KEMP Champion may be able give of their finances, their time, fundraise or be willing to tell others about what we do. A KEMP Champion can be an individual, a family, a school, a business or a local organisation who are willing to champion the cause of KEMP Hospice and help us help others.

We are asking people to donate £5 because we know what a difference that small amount of money can make. It can help fund a Day Hospice place for someone with a life-limiting illness, offering much needed respite for those at home looking after their loved one. It can help fund bereavement counselling or our vital KEMP for Kids work – supporting bereaved children. It can help fund a nurse or a specialist therapy session for a group of patients. To find out some more specific ways your generous donation can help, click the tab below.

Thank you for your generous support.

£15 could pay for a welfare support session
£35 could pay for an adult counselling session
£60 could pay for one hospice patient per day
£125 could pay for a group creative therapy session
£836 could pay for one day of hospice care

£3 a month could pay for an adult bereavement counselling session
£5 a month could pay for a days care & support for a hospice patient
£10 a month could pay for group creative therapy session for our patients
£20 a month would pay for a child to attend our bereavement support activity weekend
£30 a month would pay for 18 physiotheray sessions
£50 a month would provide care & support for 10 patients
£70 a month could pay for a full day of hospice care
£100 a month could provide 30 patients with complementary therapy

Champion Partners

At KEMP Hospice we rely on our amazing volunteers who dedicate their time and skills to help us in a huge variety of ways. We’ve been really fortunate to work alongside two such volunteers to help us launch our KEMP Champions campaign this Christmas. This website and all its design and content, the videos, the strategy and thinking behind it and all the setting up has all been donated to KEMP to help us launch this campaign. So we wanted to just say a huge Thank You to Philippe Ingels from Kidderminster-based WAKSTER for the wonderful videos and to Stu Avis from Audacious Creative for the concept, strategy, website and campaign management.

Philippe says:
Some years ago, my daughter lost a friend to cancer and KEMP helped her cope with the trauma. She always spoke very highly of the support she received from them so when I was asked if I would like to be part of a fundraising project for KEMP, I didn’t have to think twice about getting involved.

KEMP not only allowed me to say thank you for what they did for my family but also provided me with an opportunity to use my skills and experience as an animator to help others. Such opportunities often have to be given and when they come around it would be remiss of us not to grab hold of them.

I hope that the animations will create a lot of awareness of the fantastic support KEMP gives to those who are struggling with life-limiting illness and bereavement in our community and that people will see this as their opportunity to become a KEMP champion.

Stu says:
We believe that when people are inspired, amazing things happen, so the fundamental purpose of every piece of work we do is to connect our clients to their audience in ways that inspire them to action. And in taking action, they make a difference.

Audacious Creative is a brand & creative design company that serves and resources SMEs and not-for-profit sector organisations by helping them engage
with their audience powerfully and effectively through the design and development of brand and marketing communication tools and campaigns.

We aim to give away 10% of each working week away to organisations that want to make a big difference and don’t have the resources. Over the last few months we’ve been really inspired by the work of KEMP Hospice, their vision and compassion and we wanted to do something to help. When the opportunity came to donate some time to helping KEMP launch their first ever Christmas fundraising campaign we jumped at the chance and it’s been our absolute privilege to work alongside the amazing staff and volunteers to help raise much needed awareness of and funds for KEMP Hospice.

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